Hello Birdies!


Wisdom Bird is a casual luxury brand inspired by the diversity of birds.
The craftsmanship that characterizes the line of WB products is a seamless blend between nature and design. The easy yet sophisticated style of WB designs is the result of insights taken from the structural features, and moreover, the elements and details derived from the outstanding versatility of the avifauna.
The world of birds is not only broad but also extraordinary; They have taught us to see the world from above, through a different perspective, to spread our wings, and fly away to places far and beyond. Birds were not only the creators of music but also of the most beautiful color patterns, inspiring us to be more inclusive and creative.
The brand is designed for women who, despite their profession or lifestyle are independent, bold and self-confident and whose keen eyesight attracts them to the uniqueness and quality of our designs.
Also, our Mission is to awake the traveler within you and begin a new journey or adventure by walking and seeing the world accompanied and carried away by the best travel partner you can acquire: a pair of WB shoes.